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Thread: Odd my hdd seems a bit overactive... *lookS at sys resources*

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    Odd my hdd seems a bit overactive... *lookS at sys resources*

    i was noticing my hdd spinning up quite a but more than normal, then i noticed some stuff was a little sluggish, looked up at my resource usage applet, what is using that much ram? opens task manager what if firefox doing opens abouterformance and the mysterious process using 12GB of ram is not showing up, so i stopped the process firefox remained working in all windows, so i then killed the process nothing stopped working... what gives why were you eating 12gb of ram for without being able to tell my where and how
    i have 3 drives boot ssd (120GB) and 2 HDDs (500GB + 1TB) swap is on a HDD as i should never need to use it
    edit: adblock stopped working properly after killing that process
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    Re: Odd my hdd seems a bit overactive... *lookS at sys resources*

    nom, nom, nom....

    what does htop say?

    i saw blinking on the server HDD, but can't figure out what the deal is as no process seems to be using it. at least not much.
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