Did an upgrade with 19.10 from 19.04. First desktop and then server. All was fine until I rebooted. Keyboard and mouse through a kvm (4 port) stopped working all together. I played around a bit with the configuration, but on both laptop and server i was unable to use nothing but a direct usb connected keyboard and mouse. Reverted both laptop and server to 19.04 and no problem. this morning I decided to do a fresh install from 19.10 from an usb boot - could not get the keyboard or mouse, except again via direct connect via usb to work.
My configurations are prety straight forward and have had problems prior to 19.10. So have to ask the obvious question - has any one else had this problem with 19.10. I hate not being able to upgrade, but until they fix this particular issue I am not doing the upgrade or recommending it to my customers that I consult with.

Talked with tech support yesterday and they have not seen it. They could not confirm that this senario has been tested with 19.10, so it was recommended that I go with a service ticket / bug report. I think that it went in yesterday, but not sure.

Let me know folks what you are finding.