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Thread: Stave Jobs saying Mac OS X Linux like OS

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    Stave Jobs saying Mac OS X Linux like OS

    I posted on some Linux related forums that in first ever Mac OS X presentation Steve Jobs said it is "Linux like" operating system . Almost all replies were no he said "Unix-like" .

    Now I have found that video again .Please listen at 3:00 and let me know the context

    Thank you and please comment

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    Re: Stave Jobs saying Mac OS X Linux like OS

    Quote Originally Posted by asifnaz View Post
    ...Steve Jobs said it is "Linux like" operating system...
    No, Steve in the video is doing a comparison of the Darwin KERNEL to the Linux KERNEL from a technical perspective.
    Nowhere in the first three to four minutes of the video do I see your suggestion that he is saying MacOS is Linux like at all.

    "Linux like" at about the three minute mark in the video is specifically related to the Darwin Kernel only NOT the whole OSX operating system. Your use of the term "operating system" in the thread title and the above quote is inaccurate, "kernel" is the word best suited to the title for better accuracy.
    Almost all replies were no he said "Unix-like" .
    "Linux like" is what is used in the video but ONLY in reference to the kernel. So where you are wrong is using the term "operating system" when you should be saying "kernel".

    Linux: GNU is the operating system, Linux is the kernel. Further to this then comes the various distributions of Linux.
    Mac: OSX is the operating system, Darwin is the kernel.

    The video linked compares Darwin to Linux, thus is correct in that it is comparing one kernel to the other.
    A very important distinction here is the kernel is NOT the operating system, only an important component of it.
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