This issue is driving me crazy.

I have two sets of headphones. One with a mic and one without. The pair without a mic has no issues. The pair WITH does not play any speech when watching videos or listening to music. I also noticed that changing the balance bar from center to left/right resolves the speech issue, but made me realize that the sound is being output as mono. When I fired up pavucontrol, the config defaults to "Analog Stereo Duplex." I tried changing the config dropdown to "Analog Stero Output" and anything else that I could reason might make sense, but that did not solve anything.

My next step was to see if the issue persists on a live USB of 19.10. On a live USB of 19.10 the issue is resolved, but this is where things get weird.

Booting back to my SSD version of 19.10, the issue was resolved. The issue remains resolved UNTIL I reboot my laptop. When I reboot, I get the same issue I originally had. I can always fix the problem by first booting to a live USB, then restarting and booting to my normal version of Ubuntu.

This problem is driving me crazy. Any help would be appreciated.