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Thread: Boot problem

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    Boot problem

    It's been a week now that I'm stuck in the same place.
    A month ago, I installed the kali linux 2019.3 system on my laptop instead of Windows 10, but the system does not suit me, or at least not.
    So I would like to go back to Windows 10 the worry is that I crushed it instead of Kali Linux (well, I'm not 100% sure)
    So I tried to put it back through a bootable USB key with the .iso copy on, via the tool gparted by having it of course configured under msdos in ntfs, the concern being that when I try to boot with my PC on it, there is marked "no bootable device, please insert a disk and press a key"
    Note that on gparted, each time I configure my key that I try to boot and I return to gparted after, the key is not back in ntfs but udf.
    Whenever I try to follow something similar to my concern on the net, I never succeed because I miss the packages (because I hack stuff in my source.list in my beginnings on kali without knowing the dangerousness, to give you an idea I can not even use for example the command "apt-get") flat, I have no desire to put kali in key usb bootable on my computer to be able to recover the good source.list but I wish directly to give windows 10, and why not in the future to envisage a dual boot with Kali.
    to the one who will succeed in solving my problem (knowing that I am still a beginner facing this kind of problem rather difficult for me) I would thank him 1000 times.

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    Re: Boot problem

    Moved to Ubuntu/Debian based

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    Re: Boot problem

    Are you trying to install Windows or fix Kali? In this post, you state that your Kali VM is broken. What's really happening?


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