Ubuntu 14.04 and Lubuntu 18.04

HP invent Optical mouse was successfully working on a laptop (pentium 4 processor) with Ubuntu 14.04 until a few months ago when after updates the mouse stopped working. Occasionally, it worked again by unplugging and re-plugging, but mostly did not work.

Tested the same HP invent Optical mouse on other systems it worked without problem.

Changed Ubuntu version on the laptop by clean install to Lubuntu 18.04 HP, still invent Optical mouse does not work. The system does not seem to be able to detect it, (laptop does not have USB problems).
Changed mouse to another brand optical mouse, other brand mouse works on the laptop with Lubuntu 18.04 installed.

An update from a few months ago may have resulted in this problem for HP invent Optical mouse in Ubuntu and derivatives.