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Thread: very interesting - gcc and make max CPUs at boot

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    Question very interesting - gcc and make max CPUs at boot

    Booting this morning I noticed high memory usage and CPUs at 100% for a few seconds.

    I quickly opened a task manager and saw both gcc and make were hyperactive, but couldn't see the commands.

    Clearly something was compiling at boot.

    ClamAV doesn't notice anything strange.

    I use several communications apps like Telegram, Wire, Zoom, Keybase, Wine, rclone, google-drive-ocamlfuse, that to some extent might live in their own worlds.

    I suspect some of them may be compiling some update of glue code essential to run on my platform.

    How can I log / see non-kernel tasks spawned at boot?

    [Lubuntu bionic 18.04.3 LTS but I really think it's not release related]

    Thank you in eager anticipation!

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