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Thread: No sound on videos on Ubuntu 18.04

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    No sound on videos on Ubuntu 18.04

    I have Ubuntu 18.04 installed.
    Recently I stopped having sound on any video (system files through the native media player, VLC, and on the internet with Chrome and Firefox). I have sound when listening to music or other applications.
    I have a Windows partition and it runs without problem, so it's not a hardware issue.

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    Re: No sound on videos on Ubuntu 18.04

    If you use an external digital device for audio output (Bluetooth,USB, HDMI) the OS detects
    when it is not available and switches to another internal device.
    It can stay locked on it.
    VLC allows to choose in an impressive list of audio output devices.
    I found it useful to identify the actually working ones.
    Ubuntu-19.04 on a Beelink KT3pro mini PC.

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