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Thread: Unable to boot from usb drive on 4K

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    Exclamation Unable to boot from usb drive on 4K


    I am trying to install Ubuntu 19.10 on a Dell Precision 5510 which has a 4K screen. I have / am using PopOs 19.04 and Elementry Juno without problems.

    When I boot from usb drive and choose "Try Ubuntu without installing", I get the error:

    error: out of memory

    and then nothing happens and I have to hard boot.

    Upon serching I found this:

    Is there any solution how I can boot fom UBS drive and install Ubuntu 19.10?



    I tried with safe graphics today. Same error. I got an out of memory error followed by kernal panic. Had to hard reboot.
    I wonder if Canonical will release a new iso with the fix. Any other suggestions are welcome.

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    Re: Unable to boot from usb drive on 4K

    my guess is that a device driver for some device that both Dell and HP use has a memory corruption bug. that kind of bug can cause many kinds of misleading errors including miscalculation of memory requirements (by overwriting a number involved in the calculation). these kinds of errors are especially difficult to solve because the symptom typically happens long after the bad code has run. i doubt 4K is the issue (although that remains a possibility). i can only suggest stay with 19.04. if you need to use some software from 19.10, your options include a backport or putting 19.10 in a VM or container (as long as all 19.10 software can run in the earlier kernel). a lot of people here are running 18.04 LTS.
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    Re: Unable to boot from usb drive on 4K

    Hi, thanks for responsing.

    I tried Pop OS 19.10 and it worked. So I guess they have either fixed the problem, or something specifically amiss with the Ubuntu iso image. Hope Ubuntu could fix the problem soon.


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    Re: Unable to boot from usb drive on 4K

    I had the same error on XPS 15 9550 with a 4K display.

    I found a solution. After burning the Ubuntu ISO with the installer to the USB-media there is a file /boot/grub/grub.cfg on the USB media.

    Open this file in a text editor and change gfxmode=auto to gfxmode=800x600

    Save the file and boot from USB.


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