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Thread: System hibernates during startup

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    System hibernates during startup


    I already had good experince with lubuntu in virtual machines but am having a little trouble on my 1st physical installation:

    Asus Aspire One S150 (AtomN280; 1GB RAM)

    I installed the current Lubuntu Image from USB (18.04.3 LTS) with standard installer (no advanced Settings) and it went all good. Lubuntu boots but:

    When I power on the Netbook, it shows the boot-splash screen of lubuntu and then goes into hibernate-mode. After a few seconds I wake it up by any keyboard key and it continues to boot until the login screen. After entering my creds, it hibernates again. Waking it up again by keyboard key I am on my desktop. From now on everything is fine.

    Has anyone an idea, how this behavior is caused and how to stop it?

    Thx in advance

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    Re: System hibernates during startup

    Hold down Shift while booting to get to grub. Hit 'e' and replace "quiet splash" with "nomodeset". Ctrl+x to boot.

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    Re: System hibernates during startup

    Rather than looking for clues in boot messages as @milesweb has indicated (during boot), I'd just scan `dmesg` for clues, next I'd also scan `journalctl`..

    I suspect it sleeps rather than hibernates (hibernate requires a power-key to be pressed in my experience, and not a keystroke)

    Since `dmesg` only contains boot messages (since cold-boot), I'd look for something like the following found in my journalctl for a recent 'sleep', then start looking backwards for clues..

    Oct 15 00:31:21 d960-ubu2 systemd[1]: Reached target Sleep.
    Oct 15 00:31:21 d960-ubu2 systemd[1]: Starting Suspend...
    I don't know what caused it, but I'd hope to find clues in `dmesg` or `journalctl`, or at least clues on where I'd look next.
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    Re: System hibernates during startup

    Thx for your hints. I copied the dmesg log and found a few entries about 'sleep' - but have no clue where to look next:
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