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Thread: Forcing System boot up

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    Re: Forcing System boot up

    Are you using the correct UUID in Boot stanza. The example just has some old UUID.

    You need to be using this:
    Device           UUID                                   TYPE       LABEL
    /dev/loop0                                              squashfs   
    /dev/sda1        14283BD5283BB518                       ntfs       SYSTEM
    If booting another drive, not sure if you need drivemap command or not. You may need to experiment.
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    Re: Forcing System boot up

    I lack the knowledge to work at the command level. All my support was without using it in the past.

    It is like being able to read another language because you know the letters but none of it makes any sense.

    It is too bad that you are not here with me to show me the way as I know you could find a solution easily.

    Nothing that I try seems to work and that is due to lack of knowledge in the matter.

    I think the only way for me to solve it is to copy someones else work on the exact request but I can't find.

    Do you think you could right 10 possible codes that you would think should work based on the info that you have already. I can provide more if you require it.


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    Re: Forcing System boot up

    Project has been completed!

    I installed Grub from the below link onto a USB and It was able to see the OS and it booted.

    HDD bootup is enabled from BIOS.

    Boot partition is inactive.

    So now system only boots if the USB is flash disk is plugged in and I choose the boot for windows.

    The link for the Grub I installed for this project is.

    It works only when the Generic MBR is installed from the Boot-Repair-Disk.
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