Hi, I have a problem while playing Oxygen Not Included via Steam. The game itself runs at 15 FPS and makes the system very slow (probably something around 3 FPS). The CPU usage stays under 25% on all cores and at around 30% with one core (disabled hyperthreading). I have been playing around to fix it for some time, turned out I have outdated bios version. Before update the game was running repeatedly at 15 and 50 FPS (it was probably an overheating issue, since the FPS drop occured always at 85Cdeg and FPS rise always at 75Cdeg). After the update it is constant 15 FPS with 25% CPU usage and unusable system in the background. I am always on "performance" power management profile, changing to "power save" doesn't really affect neither performance nor CPU usage. I did a CPU stress test to see if its capable of reaching 100% and how the system runs at that usage, the system ran flawlessly during 100% load on each core.

various CPU usage states: https://imgur.com/a/r3oHxWh
inxi output: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/qzS3n3RYs7/