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Thread: Need help wine Xubuntu Ragnarok Online game

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    Need help wine Xubuntu Ragnarok Online game

    Hi. I need help. I have Xubuntu installed and I tried running my game but in the "Setup" part of the game the 1024x768 screen resolution doesn't work or the 976x760 doesn't work I have to run it in a small tiny ass window. Well it works on OpenSUSE and SolyDX and a little on Mint but I want it to work on Xubuntu.

    I don't know what to do I think it's the driver or the way Xubuntu xorg is configured or something please help.

    And this is in game related but there is a weard "Conversation" Box I can't move and it appears in some Linux Distros some it doesn't. Windows it doesn't so OO feels like I'm on another planet.

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    Re: Need help wine Xubuntu Ragnarok Online game

    Thread moved to Wine as the more appropriate forum.

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    Re: Need help wine Xubuntu Ragnarok Online game

    hard to say from the given information. here are some things you can try:
    1. sometimes manually changing the game's configuration file to correct resolution or to full screen solves the issue. sometimes this can also be done inside the game in the options - video interface.
    2. it could also be that a library is missing or the game needs the original one. so check the wine appdb website first.
    3. sometimes it is an error in specific wine version (regression), while an older version might work just fine. there are a couple ways to install older version. i use the PlayOnLinux GUI interface.

    if you can't resolve it or find a solution you can also try a few other Wine implementations:

    Steam's Proton (valve provides some configuration files for an easier install and better gaming experience)
    Lutris (scripts and latest stuff for easier install and better gaming experience)
    Crossover (let's call it a commercial version of wine. you have to pay for it but they offer support and also some scripts to make it easier to run windows stuff in linux)
    Easy to understand Ubuntu manual with lots of pics:
    Do i need antivirus/firewall in linux?
    Disk backup (works on newer PC): Clonezilla


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