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Thread: Kudu laptop trackpad issue

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    Kudu laptop trackpad issue

    Hail and well met!

    I recently messed up my ubuntu OS (installed by System76 when purchased) and was forced to reinstall ubuntu. I chose the very latest 19.10 and almost everything is just great.
    Previously, my trackpad would allow me to scroll with inertia, by that I mean I could scroll down a page in a quick light two-finger push and the page would continue scrolling for a short bit after my fingers left the pad. It was as if it were a physical wheel that would continue spinning after the force was removed.

    My new 19.10 installation does not do this, the split-second that my fingers come off the pad the scroll stops instantly. I do have the System76 drivers installed.
    Just FYI- For some reason my 'Settings' tool does not have a 'Devices' option, I don't know why...

    Anyone have an idea how this might be resolved?
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    Re: Kudu laptop trackpad issue

    Moved to "Ubuntu Development Version sub-forum as 19.10 is still in Beta testing.

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    Re: Kudu laptop trackpad issue

    It's been a few days and I am seeing more issues with my trackpad, it is sometimes very unresponsive. Often the cursor will just freeze while I try to push it around, then suddenly, it moves.
    This has just got to be a driver issue, but i don't know what driver I might be missing.
    Not at all as good as it was before the reinstall.

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