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Thread: kmix doesn't work

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    kmix doesn't work

    I see volume icon on the panel, which is supposed to be kmix.
    Moving mouse over it, or clicking on it doesn;t help. Only thing I can do is right click,
    and if I'm lucky I see some options. One of these options is: restore. I click on it. Nothing happens.

    This happens with only one user.
    It mught be related to chmod staus oor system settings.

    If there is a simple solution, like deleting a file, chmoding some direcory, this would be great.

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    Re: kmix doesn't work

    Not sure, did you chmod something?

    Also, please post information about the system.
    Such as which release and/or flavor.
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    Re: kmix doesn't work

    14.04 I did chmod ing but my target was some stuff on the desktop. (a few days ago, still trying to correct things)
    I had to use sudo chmod , because I moved files from elsewhere (another user),
    and to make files accessible to me I had to use sudo chmod.
    I preferred to do sudo chmod 700 and used some wildcards, but only did when I was on /Desktop directory,
    so such applications shouln't have been affected.

    Should I make application files chmod 777 ?

    Ok now I see kwin shows volume is at 100 percent. I can't modify it using kwin icon, but I managed to drop volume using Fn hot keys.
    Kwin stays on the panel as an icon is not very useful.

    Similarly I can;t run chromium. I click on Chromium link, t goes to the panel and stays there. Nothing can be done about it.
    Mentioned in another thread. This is also the case for some other programs.
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    Re: kmix doesn't work

    You are fighting a losing battle spending your time trying to get an unsupported release to work.

    I highly suggest that you install a currently supported LTS version of Kubuntu, which would be 18.04. Kubuntu 14.04 was, I beleive, the last Kubuntu LTS with 5 years of support. Kubuntu LTS releases are now supported for 3 years -- versus the 5 years of support that Ubuntu enjoys.

    In any case, Kubuntu 14.04 went EOL in April, 2019, and is no longer supported.
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    Re: kmix doesn't work


    Applied the nautilus reinstall command here:


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