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    Angry Annoying stuff

    I click on Chrome icon or audacity icon, or something similar.
    Program runs but it is outside my control. It goes to panel, and clicking on doesn't help.
    Only thing I can do is to use command line to kill these processes..
    I run chrome, and a baloo file process runs. I didn't want such a process to run.
    It is like I can't do what I want, but some spy needs to do its work, steal my and my computer's time and energy. and files.

    And sometimes I click on application icon. It jumps and jumps and jumps and never runs,
    or it runs but I can't see it. Or it goes to the panel, and sits there.
    I see volume icon on the panel, which is supposed to be kmix.
    Moving mouse over it, or clicking on it doesn;t help. Only thing I can do is right click,
    and if I'm lucky I see some options. One of these options is: restore. I click on it. Nothing happens.
    After bringing a few things to their defaults, some stuff appeared on the panel.
    One of them was muon update. So I was supposed to run it to bring security to applications, right?
    What happens: everything is frozen and I have to shut down the computer by force, by disconnecting its electric.
    And if I use a new computer I can;t even do it, because there is an unreachablebattery inside
    . Computer would then run outside my control, and maybe explode,
    and I have nothing to do except put it in a place where explosion won't do any harm.
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