I'm on a fresh install, but I used to have a dual-boot with Windows10 that was working like a charm. Then I decided to just use Ubuntu so when I did the fresh install off my USB drive, I had just restarted from Windows10. The install went fine and my WIFI driver looks like its picking up my 2 wifi networks but when I try to connect to them I get:
Connection Failed
Activation of Network Connection Failed

This might be really far off, but I'm wondering if "wake on lan" or some other Windows setting got my wifi card stuck thinking its active?
  • I tried doing a fresh install form a USB flash drive a couple of times
  • I tried resetting my BIOS

I spent hours googling and have tried a lot of the common solutions to turn the network driver on and off but haven't had any success. I'm tethering off my iPhone so I can post this, and have attached my wireless-info.tar.gz wireless-info.tar.gz

Thanks in advance!