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Thread: any support

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    Re: any support

    The software cycle goes like this:

    • Development takes place in only one version at a time, which is the almost-ready 19.10 for now.
    • Therefore, the development version is the first place to see if old bugs are fixed. New bugs might be introduced during development but that's another matter.
    • If a security related bug is fixed in 19.10 the fix is backported to all supported releases. That's the definition of support.
    • If a non-security related bug (like the ones quoted above) is fixed in 19.10 the fix is often not backported to old releases. If it were then all releases would essentially be 19.10.

    In short: 16.04 and 18.04 are a museum for old bugs. You can of course use them as-is but if anything bothers you the best approach is a fresh install of something recent.
    Bringing old hardware back to life. About problems due to upgrading.
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    Re: any support

    Quote Originally Posted by timomak View Post
    from the above link you are able to download 16.4 version, see down at the end of the page : previous releases are here (being updated)
    Thanks, I missed that link which is of course intentionally placed near the foot of the page and in a smaller font.

    I checked the websites of other Ubuntu flavours and any links to past releases, including 16.04, are in some cases quite hard to find. "being updated" probably refers to the fact that the images for 16.04 are due for removal although as Ubuntu 16.04 itself will be with us for another 18 months or so I have a feeling that any such removal may not be imminent.

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    Re: any support

    Thank you all for the advices and information. I understand all topics of this discussion. Also mörgæs article “problems due to upgrading” explains many things that can occur during upgrading.

    I admit that i prefer LTS versions to set a production system for a period of time to do my/any job. I also believe that a 3 years support schedule is fine for those who need a system for enough time before get involved to upgrades etc.

    But at this point , version 18.4. is only 19 months in use which is fresh enough according to me. The Bug #1770129 “G_IS_DBUS_CONNECTION (connection)' failed” : Bugs : leafpad package : Ubuntu may exists for a long time and it is still not fixed. I haven’t check if at 19.10 is fixed anyway.

    Another thing is that in 16.4 usb modem issues (as described above) occurred just after the end of Lubuntu team support in April 2019. This is strange.

    Also, i noticed other issues which are not properly working in Lubuntu. They may be working in other buntus or not.
    For example, double click time in lubuntu is only fixed through terminal commands in order to increase double click interval.
    Setting up double click from openbox Configuration Manager has no effect at all’
    I’ m not against about using terminal commands but in this case Openbox is not useful for the specific setting.

    But, i like Lubuntu, it is very simple and you have the option to customize, add many useful programs via synaptics, Lubuntu software center or GDebi Package Installer and is very fast.

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