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Thread: Amd bios raid 18.04/19.04/19.10

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    Amd bios raid 18.04/19.04/19.10

    I have a new dual boot system:

    Drive A 512GB SSDxPCIE (Ubuntu)
    Drive B 1TB SSDxPCIE (Windows)
    Drive C 2 x 2TB SATA AMD BIOS RAID (Bulk Storage)
    AMD x570 Chipset

    I can access drive C (Bulk Raid Storage) from Windows, but not from Ubuntu. From Ubuntu I can access either Drives A or B with no problem. I updated from 18.04 to 19.04 and still had no luck. I went ahead and updated to 19.10, still no luck. Has anyone ran into this issue?

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    Re: Amd bios raid 18.04/19.04/19.10

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    Re: Amd bios raid 18.04/19.04/19.10


    If you do not get a response to your question within 12 hours, feel free to bump your thread (the word "bump" will do). That will get it back up to the surface where it is more likely to be noticed.

    Leaving a thread to go for a week will result in it settling to the bottom of the sea and sinking into the muck -- nobody will go looking for it.
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