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Thread: External SSD configuration

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    External SSD configuration

    On Ubuntu (Mate) 18.04.1 LTS
    Just reformatted an external 1TB SSD to NTFS using the built in Disks utility.

    First question
    Is there a way to make external drives mount on the desktop like you can with OSX?

    2nd question
    Why doesn't my new drive appear under /media/<user>/ ?

    3rd question
    Is there a way to change the mnt name (at /mnt/) to something more descriptive?

    Lastly, if yes to #3, can this name be consisted with what is viewable at /media/<user>/ ?
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    Re: External SSD configuration

    I doubt if external drive partition mount points are the Desktlop but then I've never used a Mac so can't really say. Most likely that is just a link. On the other hand, I suppose you could create a mount point on user Desktop though that might create problems, depending upon what the drive is used for.l
    Does anything show under /media/username? UUID's?
    What do you want to change under /mnt? You can create a mount point there for an external drive partition and create a proper entry in the /etc/fstab file to have it mount there on boot. You can give the mount point any name you wish.
    Not sure what you are asking in question 3 as you earlier indicate you don't see the windows partition under /media/username.


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