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Thread: Using a USB to Ethernet Adapter

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    Using a USB to Ethernet Adapter

    I am running ubuntu server LTS and am trying to hook my device up to the internet. As my device does not have an ethernet port, I am trying to use a USB to Ethernet adapter. Both of these devices are working on Windows, but when I try to plug it in to my device running ubuntu server it does not recognize it. I have searched all over and tried just about everything I can find, but have had no luck, how can I configure this adapter to work with my device.

    Kevin Long

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    Re: Using a USB to Ethernet Adapter

    So ... I use a USB3-to-GigE adaptor from my laptop to connect to the world. I've been using something like this since my first chromebook in 2013. IME, Ubuntu Server expects a well known, wired, ethernet card and doesn't have all the same drivers pre-loaded that the desktop versions have.

    With the desktop version install, my USB3-to-GigE adaptor was recognized. The challenge is getting the correct driver onto the system, with is a chicken/egg problem for network devices. Normally, to get a list of network devices, you'd need something like these commands:
    lspci -vk |egrep --after-context=8 'Ethernet|Network'
    lspci -vk |perl -lne 'print if /Ethernet|Network/ .. /^[\w]*$/' 
    sudo lsusb -v  |egrep 'Ether|Network'
    lsmod |grep usbnet
    sudo lshw -C network
    The first two only show wifi devices on my laptop. The last three give more data, but only because the driver is loaded and working.

    Thinking about this a little, you might try booting from a desktop install flash drive, then running the last 3 commands, finding the correct package(s), copy that package(s) off to other storage, then do a server install and use the just copied packages to install the driver needed. If going this route, beware that every dist-upgrade might require something similar. Also, be certain that the kernel line used for the server release and desktop release are the same. If you are running a 4.15 kernel on the server, then you want to use a desktop install ISO on the flash boot running that same kernel version.

    That's my theory about this. No guarantees.

    I wimped out and installed a very lite Ubuntu Desktop, then removed all the GUI stuff, network-manager* ... and lots of other GUI tools until no GUI login was presented. I call it a "server" now. Close enough?

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    Re: Using a USB to Ethernet Adapter

    If your device has WiFi you could go to Starbucks and download what you need over WiFI.

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    Re: Using a USB to Ethernet Adapter

    Is there a way I could connect my device to wifi? I was under the impression the server install of ubuntu was unable to connect to wireless networks.

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    Re: Using a USB to Ethernet Adapter

    The server.iso will automatically hookup to wifi during the install.


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