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Thread: Xfce4 chrome OS help

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    Xfce4 chrome OS help

    I have crouton downloaded, I enter Ubuntu by entering sudo startxfce4 once inside xfce4 I’ve downloaded Gnome and unity but do not know to to switch to them..recently I found out if I type sudo lightdm into the terminal it gives me the login screen for gnome but it doesn’t let me type or click anywhere in the window.
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    Re: Xfce4 chrome OS help

    Thread moved to Any Other OS. which is more appropriate and a better fit as crouton is not a Linux distro in the normal sense, but a way of changing ChromeOS.
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    Re: Xfce4 chrome OS help

    Normally you choose a "session" at login if you have multiple DEs installed. But it's very messy to install multiple DEs.

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