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Thread: Oh Snap!

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    Re: Oh Snap!

    - do run on any distro, except the obsolete ones not supporting snaps (Ubuntu first support 14.04).
    - run sandboxed, so in a kind of container,
    - are more secure against attacks
    - can't crash the system
    - comes with its own package manager snapd
    - runs from a kind of read only virtual disk.
    - are updated automatically and only the modified parts of the virtual disk are sent.
    - you will have the newest version of the App, also if for deb files only an older version is supported,
    - full automatic and manual snapshot support and rollback to a previous version of that virtual disk
    - have a central storage for distribution, to avoid websites that distribute malware.

    Flatpack and Appimage are more vulnerable for attacks and both do not support snapshots. Flatpack only supports KDE, Gnome and FreeDesktop and their security is somewhat questionable. Appimage can be run on any distro by making the file executable, but then you have to add a link to the image in the menus or docks yourself. "Appimaged" should solve that, but than you have to install it like snapd. AppImage programs are not sandboxed.
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    Re: Oh Snap!

    well that pretty much explains it all. thank you.

    snaps seem to be safer, better option.
    appimage seems to be an option for apps not needing the internet connection.
    Easy to understand Ubuntu manual with lots of pics:
    Do i need antivirus/firewall in linux?
    Disk backup (works on newer PC): Clonezilla

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    Re: Oh Snap!

    I found that appimage packages can even run if they are stored on a
    samba NTFS share.
    So yes they are big but you can share them between several machines.
    In my case (mini PC)it is quite helpful.
    Ubuntu-19.04 on a Beelink KT3pro mini PC.

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