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Thread: Ubuntu not booting up after Windows.

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    Ubuntu not booting up after Windows.

    Installed Ubuntu 19 on a separate partition.
    Boots successfully first time. But after booting to windows 10 and then getting back to Ubuntu, it stops on the loading screen
    Please help.

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    Re: Ubuntu not booting up after Windows.

    You will need to post considerably more detail if you want help. About the best way to do that is to use boot repair. If you cannot boot the installed Ubuntu, use the DVD or USB with the Ubuntu system on it and go to the link below and read through the page. After reading the instructions, select option 2 to use the ppa to download boot repair. AFter downloading, run it according to the instructions on the page and make sure you select the option to Create BootInfo Summary and do NOT try to make any repairs. When it finishes, you will get a link to post here and someone should be able to help.


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