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Thread: Setting up triple monitors in XFCE

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    Setting up triple monitors in XFCE

    I'm trying out xubuntu as a 'daily driver' partially because I've been having some real issues with Nvidia drivers on the Mate DE, (system freezes when encountering graphically intense environments in virtual worlds such as Second Life and Open Simulator worlds). My main concern right at the moment is configuring the monitors so that I have the taskbar at the top of the centre monitor - no matter what I try to do, XFCE insists on placing the taskbar on the top of the most extreme left of the monitors - checking the 'primary display' box makes absolutely no difference whatsoever.

    I have installed the proprietary NVIDIA drivers, as, much better that noveau drivers have become, they're still not really up to even the modest requirements of Second Life and Opensimulator. Thus I have both the NVIDIA Control Panel and also the XFCE Display Settings widget, and I'm wondering if these are somehow conflicting.

    It really shouldn't be this difficult to set up the monitors just exactly as we like them, so if anyone has any ideas, please let me know
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