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Thread: [18.04] New to Linux, HELP configuring my proxy settings

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    [18.04] New to Linux, HELP configuring my proxy settings

    Hi, I have installed Ubuntu to try out on a PC at work although I am having issues configuring it to work with our proxy.

    I have entered the proxy details, IP and port into the gui and applied the settings. I open up firefox, it lets me navigate to no problem, lets me search, no search result actually works though. displays but half of the content doesn't display properly.

    The proxy server is a 'smoothwall guardian 3'. I have also downloaded/installed the security certificates for https which didnt seem to help. I have tried multiple possible solutions I have found online, adding the details to apt.conf or proxy.conf etc...

    Please help, I hope I haven't been too vague, any screenshots or further details that would help with troubleshooting, please let me know.

    Thanks in advance, Arran.

    (PS. I have almost no knowledge of linux, so take it easy no me lol)

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    Re: [18.04] New to Linux, HELP configuring my proxy settings

    Have you consulted with anyone at work to discuss what proxy settings are needed?
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    Re: [18.04] New to Linux, HELP configuring my proxy settings

    Thanks for the reply. Yeah, they are even less familiar with linux than myself. We are on a 2008 R2 AD network, I assume its the authentication that is causing me issues? is there any way I can authenticate without having to join the domain?

    UPDATE: I can now navigate to sites and they are displaying content correctly, since downloading google chrome and installing the http/ssl certificate. I still cant run any apt commands though
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