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Thread: Sftp Backup Folder Shortcut Error

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    Exclamation Sftp Backup Folder Shortcut Error

    Hi! I have an ubuntu server 18.04 and i have installed and congifured openssh as sftp server. I have disabled all ways to log in the server except sftp connection. My backs are in other partition so i want to create a shortcut from backup partition into my site. I made the shortcut but when i'm trying to access it from filezilla i can't because filezilla can't regognize it. What can i do for that?

    I made the shortcut with this way :
    ln -s /backuppartition /webroot/

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    Re: Sftp Backup Folder Shortcut Error

    Have you tried using a native sftp client like the normal CLI sftp program or a Linux file manager like Caja, Thunar, Nautilus, Nemo? I didn't test them all, but caja followed the link using the sftp:// URL perfectly. So did the sftp client program. All of them fully honored by ssh-keys for authentication too, as expected.

    I would guess it is a filezilla issue. If you are stuck on Windows, might try WinSCP. I don't specifically remember whether it supports symbolic links or not, but I don't recall problems, so it probably does. I've never used filezilla.

    I'm a little concerned about linking a backup area to a website. Backups usually contain lots of sensitive data. Plus, if there aren't 3 separate copies of the files, on at least 2 different machines, then it isn't a real backup.


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