Dear Ubuntu forums admins and moderators,

It's been an insanely long time since I came here for the last time. I suppose that back in the day (2012), Ubuntu forums did not have SSO login. I had already a Ubuntu One login as well as a forum one, but separately.

So I SSO-logged in, but instead of linking to my previous account (, another one was created, which I am using to post this (

Could you be so kind as to link my Ubuntu One account to my old account instead ? I don't know what happened, since both must have the same e-mail address attached...

If the e-mail address is indeed different, I wonder which one it is but I probably know it, so if you don't mind I would appreciate that we play a "guess the e-mail" game until I guess correctly (I don't have many different e-mails), so I can add said e-mail to my Ubuntu One account, set it as default and retry once you unlinked.

In the meantime I'll refrain from posting, and check replies here as a logged out user for instructions so that I don't mistakenly relink to this new account.

Best regards !