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Thread: How to Install an FTP over SSL (FTPS) on Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS

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    Lightbulb How to Install an FTP over SSL (FTPS) on Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS

    Greetings and salutations,

    I hope this thread will be helpful to those who follow in my foot steps as well as getting any advice based on what I have done / documented.

    Link to original post: HammondsLegacy Forums (best when viewed at original location due to custom formatting)

    High-level overview

    This document will describe how to setup an FTP server which utilizes SSL (FTPS) encryption and local login IDs to allow users to login and upload files but cannot login to the console.

    Tools utilized in this process

    Helpful links

    The list below are sources of information that helped me configure this system.


    This documentation will need to make use of some very-specific information that will most-likely be different for each person / location. This variable data will be noted in this section and highlighted in red throughout the document as a reminder that you should plug-in your own value rather than actually using these "place-holder" values.

    Under no circumstance should you use the actual values listed below. They are place-holders for the real thing. This is just a checklist template you need to have answered before you start the install process.

    Wherever you see RED in this document, you need to substitute it for what your company uses.

    • Minimum Passive Port: 9000
    • Maximum Passive Port: 9020
    • FTP User Account: myftp
    • FTP User Password: mypass123
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