I am using Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and fcitx as IM system for keyboard input.
I would like you to tell me how to switch the keyboard layout automatically between MOZC and French when I use each input method.

Well, I use ubuntu in Japanese so item's names that I write here do not accord with English version, I reckon.

When I type something in Japanese, I use MOZC, I installed fcitx-mozc.
In the case of french, I switch input method to keyboard-french, which is the name of item on fcitx setting page.
Though I want use french keyboard layout when I select keyboard-french, It does not work so.
I have to type French on japanese keyboard layout. When I use MOZC, I can use Japanese layout.

I really annoy that. I should copy a é (e accent aigu) or other french accents from internet whenever I want write French.

What sould I do?