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Thread: Problems with the Desktop Folder

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    Problems with the Desktop Folder

    In order of :
    Saving diskspace
    Keeping them up to date on various machines and OS's.
    I replaced some Desktop files by a symlink to them on my NAS.
    Mainly html,txt and m3u.
    On the screen they kept their name and default icon fine!
    But if I click on them the associated program doesn't launch any more.
    If I open the menu and choose the same program in the "open with other application" option it works.

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    Re: Problems with the Desktop Folder

    The issue occurs because multimedia programs are not associated by default for opening symlinks.

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    Re: Problems with the Desktop Folder

    If you can group the files into one or a few directories, you can create a symlink to the directory rather than to the individual files. For instance, the $HOME/Downloads directory on all my machines is symlinked to the one on my server so all downloaded files go to the same location. So in your case, I'd make $HOME/Desktop point to a directory on the NAS.
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    Re: Problems with the Desktop Folder

    So it seems I have not broken anything Good.
    My Download directories are already linked to one on the NAS.
    Inspired by your answers I tested choosing XFCE as window manager and the problem is not there.
    May be Gnome is not the best for me but sure it looks beautiful.


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