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    Panel Text Colour - Mate

    Hi y´all!
    Having upgraded to ubuntu-18.04, I saw that my preferred theme GreenLaguna showed only black text in the top panel (uppermost img).
    1fallen´s /gtk.css , placed in the home-folders .config/gtk-3.0 , made the middle icon´s text white (second img).
    After a number of hit-and-misses, I happened upon an expression that made the menu bar white (third img).
    But the clock applet stays black. If any one knows the kind of magic that changes it to white, I´d very much like to see it!
    For now I´ve made a light square on the background. It (lowermost img). The gap between the clock applet and the volume icon is *sometimes* occupied
    by the battery monitor icon

    This is how my gtk.css file looks:

    .mate-panel-menu-bar menubar > menuitem {
        text-shadow: none;
        padding: 3px 5px;
        color: white;
    .mate-panel-menu-bar  {
        color: white;
    My machine: ASUS 1101HA
    Kernel 4.4.0-142-generic with thopiekars emgd
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