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Thread: Bitcoin Core 0.18.1 installation onto Ubuntu 18 Hellp Request

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    Bitcoin Core 0.18.1 installation onto Ubuntu 18 Hellp Request

    Fellow Forum Members,

    I have a new Ubuntu 18 LTS installation on my Intel x86 Dell Laptop and my goal is to install Bitcoin Core 0.18.1. Below in BOLD is the X86 64bit file name I downloaded from this site: . Unfortunately, this package includes no Installation README file which would have been very helpful:


    Additionally, all online installation instructions I find through Google are very badly written (example: and/or they show you a PPA installation method which I do not want to use because I think it is a security risk.

    Can anyone be so kind to post the steps to installing the Bitcoin Core app onto an Ubuntu 18 system? Due to my weak Ubuntu skills I need help with the Ubuntu Terminal commands listed in the correct sequential order one needs to follow so this app correctly installs onto its default location. Better yet is there a way I can bypass the Terminal installation and instead use a GUI installation similar to how it is done in Windows10?

    Below is the command used in the Terminal to install an app:

    sudo apt-get install
    However, I am not sure what follows after the "install" part. Do I just type "bitcoincore" or "bitcoin.qt"?

    Also I am not sure what dependencies I need to have prepared so that bitcoincore can install correctly?

    I hope someone experienced in bitcoincore software installation can give me some advice because my goal is to get familiar with this app so I can eventually send someone I know in Venezuela a fraction of bitcoin to help him out. Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Re: Bitcoin Core 0.18.1 installation onto Ubuntu 18 Hellp Request

    Hi, welcome to the fora.

    I have never seen posts here about Bitcoin Core but the guide to which you linked looks standard Ubuntu-ish. My guess is that it's fine to follow.

    It will be much easier to help you when working in the terminal. There is nothing to be afraid of, just copy-paste the commands found in the guide.

    If you get stuck in a step please post the exact command you tried and its output, both in CODE tags.
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