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Thread: Dual Monitor Freezes my System

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    Dual Monitor Freezes my System

    I have a Dell D620, with Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 video. A Samsung GH17 External monitor. As long as I have "Use This Display" and "Mirror" selected, they both work correctly. I would like to turn off my laptop display and just use the external monitor. When I unselect "Use this Display" on the laptop. They both go blank, the external display has a mouse pointer that I can move, nothing on the screen. The system is locked as I when I select caps lock, it takes 30 seconds or so to respond. Reboot does not bring the system back. Where are the original settings stored so I can boot on a USB and restore the original settings. Thank you.

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    Re: Dual Monitor Freezes my System

    Monitor settings for when you're logged in are stored in ~/.config/monitors.xml.


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