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at what age should you buy desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, for your kids (or where appropriate, other young relatives)?
The arguments of this discussion are interesting but somewhat strange to me. I have focused on other issues, when deciding when to give a computer or smartphone to my children.

- I gave the children own computers very early. The computers were connected to the internet via ethernet. I found that they learned to write before they had enough coordination to write letters with a pencil on paper

- I waited until the age of 11 years until I gave them cellular phones. I did not want to expose them to the radiation too early. I encouraged SMS (text messages) instead of talking because of the distance of the phone to vital parts of the body.

- The first years their computers were in the same room as the parent computer, so that their internet browsing could be monitored and discussed.

- Now, after several years, I think one of the children (the daughter) tends to use the internet too much, while the other one (the son) can stop and go to bed without problems.

- Both children have gradually transferred their internet browsing from their computers to their smartphones. I think this is typical for many people of their generation.