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Thread: Can't submit new thread

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    Can't submit new thread

    I can't add anything of significance to this page, I get permission denied.

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    Re: Can't submit new thread

    I can't even leave the thread here as I get a Forbidden message. This whole support experience is broken. I assume this is Ubuntu trying to forece people into subscription support.
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    Re: Can't submit new thread

    You don't have permission to access /newthread.php on this server

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    Re: Can't submit new thread

    You are posting here, so it is working.

    If issues, please use the forum's Resolution Center, so an admin can review. Be sure to review sticky threads at top.
    But I checked what I can see and everything looks normal.
    Sometimes when I have issues I have to reload Firefox & forum. And latest Firefox update made me sign in again to get access.

    Forum: Resolution Centre

    This is the place to contact a forum admin concerning problems with your forum account
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    Re: Can't submit new thread

    Moved to FF&H.
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    Re: Can't submit new thread

    Please describe the action you performed before you received this error. If possible, please include the error page URL plus the date and time the error occurred.


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