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Thread: Change Icon Size twm

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    Change Icon Size twm

    I use TWM. Not the Ubuntu desktop.

    Every application seems to choose the largest icon when minimized. Or, maybe this is TWM?

    Anyway, the icons are HUGE. About 3" square. I want smaller icons.

    If I find an application's icon and remove all but 16x16 icon, I get what I want. Is there a global setting that does this?

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    Re: Change Icon Size twm

    Not familar with TWM, but I searched on the term. This webpage turned up,
    Maybe you can find your answer there.
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    Re: Change Icon Size twm

    Thanks, I have read that several times. I have not found anything that indicates how the icon is chosen when a window is iconized. Seems like most applications pick the largest icon???
    If I delete all the icons except 16x16, iconize still works and I get the desired icon size.

    Currently, I remove all the icons except the one I want. This is a manual operation. apt restores the removed icons so I have to manually remove them again.

    Seems like someone should know how this works.

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    Re: Change Icon Size twm

    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Seems like someone should know how this works.
    Ask the twm project guys. You are the first person that I've heard of using twm since about 1994.
    I would make a script to do what you want, then run it whenever a pixmap icon file looked wrong to me, as needed.

    Google found this: which shows .twmrc settings to control the icon used by the class of application.
            "XTerm"    "xterm.icon"
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    Re: Change Icon Size twm

    Never tried TWM, I use spectrwm on one install. Not many people using other WMs these days, the shell rules Why not find a better suited WM? TheFu runs a nice full featured one from yesteryear. Mine is lacking features, but does what I want, there are several good ones IMO.

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