Hello everyone,

I just bough a p52s Thinkpad laptop and installed ubuntu, because it is super easy to install the nvidia quadro drivers, (I love the additional software app)

I got myself a thunderbolt 3 dock station to connect my external displays.

The problem is sometimes ubuntu make weird things like not recognizing displays until I open the lid, or going to sleep once i loged in my user, the procedure is like this:

-connect the laptop to the dock station, press the power button with the lid closed to power it on and only use the external displays.
-Displays turn on and ask for user login
-enter my credentials and press intro
-ubuntu shuts down, and then when I start it again it's like I rebooted the system, session is empty.

I tried reinstalling ubuntu but it keeps doing the same. Debian seems to work fine But I cannot find a clean way to install the nvidia quadro drivers.

Any help is much appreciated.

Thank you