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Thread: Request - Move Post to Different Topic (I think?)

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    Request - Move Post to Different Topic (I think?)

    In my Ubuntu Forum Newbieness I think I may have just posted it in the wrong topic.

    I was as thorough as possible but it has zero responses (I did attempt to search/solve on my own as described.)

    Please move to a more appropriate topic as you feel fit, thank you in advance.

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    Re: Request - Move Post to Different Topic (I think?)


    The sub-forum you posted in (Desktop Environments) was fine, but I've moved your thread to General Help anyway. The main thing is that you posted over a week ago, and didn't bump the thread. If you don't get a reply after about 12-24 hours, it's quite OK to bump the thread (Bring Up My Post) by posting the single word "bump". This will bring it to the top of the list for a while and may attract attention from those in other time zones who may have missed it first time around.

    Also, it you do want a thread moved, simply use the report post button in your own post. This isn't just for reporting problematic posts - it's an efficient way of sending a message to forum staff. The first one who reads your request can then take action.

    Good luck in getting your issue solved.
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