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Thread: Strange problem with wine

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    Question Strange problem with wine

    Well, introductions aside I am having an issue trying to run a game on wine, a pretty old one that is in the data base on wineHQ as gold.
    First I stumbled upon this guide but it failed to even run the game due to multiple errors so I scraped that and deleted wine and reinstalled it to follow a new one:
    Than I came across this guide and followed it step by step including therecommended server
    Now to the problem, when I run "wine .l2.exe" I come across an unexpected error that states that I cannot run the application because lifeguard the hackingprevention software that comes with the game cannot run.
    it states it cant run because the "antivirus" blocks it, probably ubuntu and that I either need to add it to an exception list or a file named "Lineage II.exe" which does is not there for one reason or another.
    problem is that even when I sudo the location of the file before trying to run it lifeguard and the non-existing file stop the loading asking me to add "Lineage II" to an exception list.
    can anyone help me solve this because I really have no clue what wine wants more to run something that is listed gold on wineHQ and btw there is no guide there on how to run it.
    thanks in advance
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