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Thread: Free singing synthesisers?

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    Free singing synthesisers?

    Hey guys

    Are there any free singing synthesisers that work on Ubuntu? I read on another forum that UTAU works, but those posts date several years back and I'm not sure how the software will go if I try to install is and run it on Ubuntu 16.04.6? Does anyone here have any experience installing and using singing synthesisers on Ubuntu?

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    Re: Free singing synthesisers?

    I find an application named jcadencii in the repository with the following description.
    sudo apt install jcadencii
    I had to start the application from the terminal with the following command.
    Cadencii is a multi-track piano roll editor for MacOS and Windows. It is
    designed for editing lyrics for singing and supports VOCALOID, VOCALOID2,
    UTAU, WORLD, AquesTone engines for synthesis.
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    Re: Free singing synthesisers?

    just because a project is old does not mean it is bad. sure, it might be unmaintained, now. but, maybe it was well done to begin with (it happens). maybe they are maintaining it, but not its web site. look around (google for) user reviews. search for the words people might say about it, good or bad, with its name first.
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