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    I will just post this once and only once, and make no further comment. I will say I don't know kevdog, nor am I fully aware of everything involving his infraction. Basically its none of my business...having said that I got a big mouth so here goes.

    He used a word that he feels describes a behavior, he feels he has a good idea of what that word means. The "Mods" grabbed a single definition link off the web, thats one definition...heres another:

    Its your board, your gonna do what your gonna do. You can pretend he has opportunity to explain why he said what he said, but please don't pretend you know what he's thinking.....that would be ....well by my definition...

    I'll go crawl back under my rock now.....

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    Re: definition

    Just for the record, and since we have a tradition of not jailing anything that gets posted to the Resolution Centre, unless in extremis.

    This is what we call a copy-paste spammer, someone who posts a copy of an older post in order to slip in under the radar, and then comes back later to add their spam links. Compare and contrast with this from over ten years ago:

    "tanquy1231" and their other two posts have been dealt with appropriately.
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