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Thread: Forum policy changed? - Moderator marking thread as solved

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    Forum policy changed? - Moderator marking thread as solved

    A few years ago I started a thread to suggest that moderators should sometimes mark threads as solved when the OP seemed satisfied yet didn't mark the thread accordingly for whatever reason.

    I was advised that this was not forum policy at that time.

    I've just noticed this conversation where post no. 3 indicates that the moderator has marked the thread as solved.

    Has the policy now changed?

    If so, I fully support it.

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    Re: Forum policy changed? - Moderator marking thread as solved

    No, the policy has not changed.

    We are not going to go digging around at the bottom of the sea scouring the muck for threads to mark as solved. The OP is the one who determines if the thread is solved or not.

    The moderator just so happened to read the thread by chance at about the right time and, since the OP stated that it was solved, marked it as such while he instructed the user how to do so.
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