Hi all,

I'm trying to get my head around kubernetes. I have microk8s installed but I want to also have a pseudo cloud to emulate a real production environment.

My plan is to install VMs on KVM/QEMU to act as nodes, and then have the 9 nodes (3x worker nodes, 3x etc/backplane nodes, and possibly 3x rancher nodes) to test things out on.

I was hoping to use the smallest VM image I could find for the VMs. Which apparently would be RedHat's bare metal build? Not sure that's right, it doesn't seem consistent with what I know about prior builds of theirs.

So hardware. I have 2 pieces of hardware to play with here:
  1. An older i7, 24GiB RAM and lots of disk space. This is my workstation.
    1. Running Ubuntu 18.04.
    2. Has virt-manager on it and libvirt.

  2. A SuperMicro 8-core atom build: https://www.supermicro.com/en/produc...1SRM-LN7F-2758 with currently 16 GiB RAM and probably adequate disk space.
    1. This is EXTREMELY close to an Antsle One. Only I built mine before I was aware of Antsle.
    2. It supports hardware virtualization but can't donate a NIC directly to a guest.
    3. Running Gentoo.
    4. Has libvirt
    5. Command-line system, no GUI.

Both systems have an SSD and at least one spinner.

The questions:
  1. What's the best OS to put on the guests? These will be my "nodes" on the kubernetes command line.
  2. How do I hook them up? "juju clouds" does not seem to have a happy option.