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Thread: no sound in Ubuntu 18.04

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    no sound in Ubuntu 18.04

    Running dual boot Gigabyte motherboard (AORUS X570), AMD Ryzen 5 3600x, RADEON graphics card, 64 Gbyte ram. Sound works fine in Windows 10. Booting to Ubuntu 18.04 there is no sound. If I open Settings>sound>output tab I am presented with 3 choices: HDMI/DisplayPort-HD-Audio Generic, Digital OUtput (S/PDIF) -HD-Audio Generic, and Line Out - HD-Audio Generic. The "test speakers" in all of these choices does not produce sound. But if I select "Digital Output (S/PDIF) - HD-Audio Generic" and select the "Sound Effects" tab I can produce sound by clicking on any of the "alert sounds". Weird.

    I've tried several things. Output of Alsamixer (in a terminal window) is not correct, screenshot:[IMG]file:///home/daddy/Pictures/Screenshot from 2019-08-17 10-48-55.png[/IMG]

    Removed and re-installed Alsa, installed PAVUctrl, etc. Don't know what to try next. The output of
    sudo lspci -v.txt
    is too large to attach,
    is attached.

    What to try next?
    Any and all suggestions greatly appreciated.
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    Re: no sound in Ubuntu 18.04

    Hi Raymond, have you got this to work ?


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