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No LVM for that, just a regular old ext4 partition made with mkfs. And update for the morning, we're now 25% of the way through the resync. A short google told me that chunk size has no effect on raid 1 performance or resync speed, but maybe that was just wrong.

Not even sure if I should keep letting the raid build happen. What are the odds that after it's been resyncing at 5MB/s for two days that it will suddenly be performing great?
In know that chunk size mattered when I first built my RAID, but it was RAID5 then. Is chunk size the same as stripe size? If it is, then you are correct, unless you do RAID10. LVM makes all sorts of things better and more capable. If you are doing RAID, then I'd do LVM too. Actually, LVM used mdadm code to make RAID, so you don't need to use mdadm anymore directly.

Whether you should or shouldn't start over is up to you. I have no useful guidance. My SW-RAID systems haven't had any issues in so many years I can't remember. I did have a Seagate HDD fail, but I was too busy being happy that the last cheap Seagate was out-o-here to complain. It was under warranty, but I didn't bother. Replaced it with a Toshiba something.

Well - gotta go help out at the LUG now. Good luck.