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Thread: SSHFS Permissions Issue

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    Question SSHFS Permissions Issue


    I am mounting my Ubuntu server via sshfs (IE: and running a backup program on that mounted folder. The problem I am running into is that the server user I am logging in with does not have access to some of the folders on the server. I would normally just use the sudo command to access these folders. Is there some way I can do this via sshfs or otherwise make the folders available? I assume I don't just want to give read permissions for everything to that user...?


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    Re: SSHFS Permissions Issue

    sshfs provides the permissions of the userid used in the connection. That's the rules. If the userid you connect as doesn't have the required permissions, sorry. Pick a better userid.

    Perhaps using a better backup tool that works over ssh, not sshfs? Any of them based on librsync work that way. I'd use rsync for a single time, single directory structure mirror requirement. For backups, I use rdiff-backup, which uses a client/server model over ssh.

    In general, for system-level backups, a root or root-equiv account must be used. If you are just backing up a single HOME directory, then the userid for the HOME you want should be fine.

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