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Thread: Sound gone, no icon, no nuffink

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    Sound gone, no icon, no nuffink


    I'm running Ubuntu Studio (19.04) and probably a month or two ago there was an auto update that maybe hung or maybe I ran out of patience, I hard booted and now I have no sound.

    The software updater talks about a calf plugin for jack, but doesn't allow me to choose it.

    I've no sound icon either.

    I've searched, I've checked alsamixer but while I am tech and have been using Linux for a while, I'm a bit at sea with this.

    So, all guidance appreciated.


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    Re: Sound gone, no icon, no nuffink

    Yeah, that's what I thought

    What will happen if I take my original Ubuntu Studio boot drive, run it 'live' and install? Will it do clever things like not erase all my data? (I would, of course, take backups, but I'll be a little more motivated to try it if I think it's going to be relatively easy.)

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