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Thread: How to handle nodejs 8 becoming EOL?

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    How to handle nodejs 8 becoming EOL?

    I was looking into this today and discovered some disturbing news regarding node.js on Bionic 18.04 server.

    Per node.js v8 is EOL on 2019-12-31In Bionic LTS we have nodejs 8.10.0 per

    Given that Bionic LTS is supported through 2023 will there be a nodejs 10 in bionic-backports eventually?
    If not, what is the recommended way to handle this "premature" EOL of v8.

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    Re: How to handle nodejs 8 becoming EOL?

    The link for the package has a link on the right for asking a question. They'll be your best bet for finding out what's going to happen.
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