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Thread: Overclocking RTX 2080ti 18.04 / 19.04

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    Overclocking RTX 2080ti 18.04 / 19.04

    I have spent whole day trying to get 2080ti to overclock (lock in P0) state without any luck. Googling seems to only lead to endless dead ends. Has anyone got first hand experince overclicking 2080ti on 18.04 or 19.04 ?

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    Re: Overclocking RTX 2080ti 18.04 / 19.04

    This is a hardware question rather than a gaming one.

    Locking the power state to P0 doesn't have anything to do with overclocking the card, and really isn't something that one would want to do, anyway.

    Overclocking the card is pretty straightforward. You enable CoolBits, then use the Nvidia Settings to add your clock offsets. It doesn't remember the offsets, just in case you accidentally make it so that you can't take them off again, but it's scriptable. You can use nvidia-smi to adjust the power limit.

    There's also a project called Green With Envy, but I've never used it.

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    Re: Overclocking RTX 2080ti 18.04 / 19.04

    One possible explanation: not enough bang for the buck. The performance increase did not keep up with the price increase Nvidia asks for the new generation of cards. This is also the main reason why I stay with my GTX 1080 Ti instead of upgrading. It’s not worth the money (at the current time).


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